Coaching is the ingredient that ensures there is a deep understanding and connection between the person and their performance.

There is an ever-increasing need for people to find purpose in their work, their relationships and their organisations.

By spending time slowing down and giving this deep thought, this enables individuals to then speed up with a clear sense of purpose and clarity of direction.

My approach to coaching is based on human psychology – helping the individual to make those connections between their interests, their experiences and their aspirations.  This creates a motivation and sense of purpose that is self-perpetuating and sustainable, even through the tougher times.

We can discuss the approach that is right for you and those you want to offer coaching to. I usually offer a preliminary session to establish needs and goals and then offer a package of around 6 sessions to ensure consistency and progression.

However, if you need alternative approaches then I’m happy to explore these with you. Give me a call to discuss.