When your team or project feels stuck or disconnected, it is often helpful to bring in an outsider to guide you through a process.

Having someone with no personal agenda means that groupthink is disrupted and you can move obstacles aside by being asked different and challenging questions.

Bringing a facilitator into a project or meeting means that you can all focus on the topic without being distracted by process.

I have worked with teams and groups at all levels who have needed an objective outsider to help them move forward constructively.  Using an appreciative inquiry approach, we explore the possibilities and opportunities and then work out how to remove the obstacles.  When people are collectively committed to achieving a vision, it’s surprising how easy it is to remove those obstacles.

I am able to quickly assess the group dynamics, manage the agenda (both overt and hidden) and ensure that all voices are heard in order to come to the best conclusions.

The ways to best utilise a facilitator aren’t always obvious so if you aren’t sure, or just want to talk it through, then please give me a call or drop me an email.