Most importantly, I work in partnership with you. I understand that you are closer to your organisation and the challenges that need addressing.

My role is to work with you to provide an outside, expert view and help come up with ideas to deliver solutions.

My approach always starts with learning about your organisation. I begin by having an in-depth conversation to get an understanding of what you see as the issues, what you have done so far and what your ideal outcomes are. From here, we will agree on the best ways forward.

This might be further conversations with people across your business, a review of your policies and processes, focus groups, surveys, or a combination of all. When I have gathered data and insights, then we talk about potential approaches and ideas. I will provide you with a full and transparent proposal as I appreciate this often needs discussing and agreeing internally.

Then I get to work on the ideas we have formulated. This could be workshops, online resources, advice and development of strategies and policies, communications, coaching, facilitated meetings… whatever we consider is going to have the greatest and most long-lasting impact.

We will also discuss and agree ways to monitor, measure and report on the impact of your investment. I like to leave all clients knowing that they have made a sound investment, what they can do next and how to keep progress going.

If you’re not sure what you need, I’m very happy to have a ‘no-commitment’ conversation, just give me a call.