Do the people managers in your business need support to create a culture where everyone feels they belong?

We can help.

We’re Clare Harris and Liz Jones, founders of Becoming an Inclusive Manager.

This learning programme equips managers with the confidence, knowledge and skills to create healthy workplaces where people can innovate, collaborate and bring the best of themselves to the business.

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Who is the programme for?

The Becoming An Inclusive Manager programme is for anyone with management responsibilities who wants to create an environment where their team and colleagues feel that they belong.

It’s for people managers who want to:

  • Understand what equity, diversity and inclusion mean for them in their people management role
  • Explore the positive impact they can have on others by adopting inclusive behaviours
  • Develop the skills to create psychological safety for themselves and others
  • Know how to support colleagues who are being treated unfairly
  • Implement inclusive recruitment practices to attract and retain talented colleagues
  • Manage the performance of colleagues so that they can function in their role at the highest level
  • Navigate difficult conversations with sensitivity and clarity
  • Create a workplace environment where team members are motivated, engaged and supported to develop.

How is the programme structured?

The programme pulls together the principles of inclusion with excellent management practice.

It’s designed as a series of modules which can be delivered over 2 full days, 4 half-days or 8 two-hour sessions.

We recommend that participants follow the pathway below, however we’re happy to be flexible, to meet the needs of your business.

All modules can be delivered virtually or in person.

Part 1: What does it mean to be an inclusive manager?

Participants explore core concepts and principles for creating an inclusive workplace, reflecting on the impact they have on others and the business.

2.Being Aware Of Our Own ImpactWhat does it mean to bean InclusiveManager?1.TerminologyAnd CoreConcepts3.CreatingPsychological Safety4.Empathy And Modeling Allyship

Part 2: What does an inclusive manager do in practice?

Participants are supported to develop practical inclusive management skills, that they will use in their day-to-day interactions with colleagues.

2.Managing PerformanceWhat does an Inclusive Manager do in practice?1.Recruiting And Onboarding3.Navigating Inclusive Conversations4.Motivating and Developing Teams

Additional Modules

We are committed to meeting the needs of your people managers and can also offer the following modules:

  • Inclusive Hybrid Working
  • Managing a Virtual Team
  • Improving Team Wellbeing
  • Coaching Skills for Inclusive Managers
  • Working Through Team Conflict
  • Supporting People Through Change
  • Creating a Psychologically Safe Environment
  • Supporting Professional Development
  • Building An Inclusive Team Culture

About Us

We have been collaborating and supporting businesses and organisations to thrive since 2004.

As organisation development specialists and qualified coaches, we work with businesses to develop management and leadership excellence.

We have worked across the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors both internationally and in the UK. Having held senior leadership positions, we bring a wealth of experience and evidence-based practice to our lively and interactive learning programmes.

We share values around working in partnership, pragmatism and treating people with fairness and honesty.


Clare specialises in equity, diversity and inclusion. She conducts bespoke diagnostics to help businesses develop strategies with practical plans to create inclusive cultures.

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Liz supports leadership development with a focus on creating healthy, inclusive workplace cultures. She has a particular focus on helping teams have difficult conversations well.

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